First Baptist Church of Newnan

KSU Talon Express

The Talon Express offers a variety of services to students, faculty and staff such as postal services, printing and finishing solutions as well as art supplies needed for projects.

Northwoods Lower School

An elementary school with excellent teachers and innovative facilities making learning fun for students in grades K-5.

Ron Clark Academy

An innovative middle school bringing 5th-8th graders together with dynamic teachers and a vibrant and imaginative learning environment. Located in downtown Atlanta in a 100 year-old renovated factory. The school has received national and international recognition for its success in promoting academic rigor, creativity and increased student engagement in the classroom.

Stageman Coliseum

This coliseum is home of the Georgia Bulldog basketball teams, volleyball and gymnastics teams. The 10,523 seat arena underwent a makeover in 2017 providing a dramatic new look enhancing the venues atmosphere.

UNG Convocation Center

This new 103,000 square foot multi-purpose facility at the University of North Georgia serves multiple uses with classrooms and labs for academic courses, large university events, athletics, concerts and meetings.

Georgia Tech Football

Georgia Tech’s brand new 8,100 square foot locker room refresh certainly puts Tech in line with ACC competitors. The space is outfitted with high-level finishes and technological advances fitting in with Georgia Tech’s status as the leading technology institute in the United States.